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openpr 07 Jul 2020

Food Testing Equipment – Market Growth, Trends, Forecast, and COVID-19 Impacts (2014 - 2026)

High import tariffs on equipment and the lack of adequate infrastructure at all parts of the supply chain pose major challenges to the growth of the market. However, the necessary government initiatives are gradually helping to overcome this problem. Food Testing Equipment is mainly used to detect,....

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authorityngr 07 Jul 2020

NIPRD, NNPC partner on local drugs production

The Director General of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Dr. Obi Peter Adigwe has said that the institute is presently in discussion with the management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on how to collaborate in sourcing by-product of the refineries to produce drugs locally.

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copenhagenconsensus 06 Jul 2020

Ghana Priorities: Agriculture Intervention I – Subsidising Improved Seeds Overview For various reasons, many smallholder farmers in Ghana do not use improved seeds, which are not only more resilient but also provide higher yields... Read more

Intervention I – Subsidising Improved Seeds Overview. For various reasons, many smallholder farmers in Ghana do not use improved seeds, which are not only more resilient but also provide higher yields. There are four principal factors that contribute to the low uptake of improved seeds.

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COVID-19 COVID-19 is exacerbating the global trade finance gap We need a rewiring of the international community's approach to supporting least developed countries to access international trade. Violeta Gonzalez and Anisse Terai 06 Jul 2020

Multilateral development banks (MDBs) have launched amounting to more than . For instance, the Islamic Development Bank Group has launched an initial 3Rs, as in “Respond, Restore, Restart”, for a total $2.3 billion to support Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries at different stages of the recovery trajectory.

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busiweek 05 Jul 2020

18th May 2020

BEIJING – US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping may have agreed at the G20 summit in Osaka to resume trade negotiations, but the path to ending the trade war remains far from clear. After all, the two leaders reached a similar agreement at the previous G20 summit – in Buenos....

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busiweek 04 Jul 2020

U.S Government Supports Campaign to Combat Toxins in Agricultural Produce

Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), along with USAID Mission Director Joakim Parker, have launched a nationwide campaign to combat aflatoxins that contaminate improperly handled grain, causing severe health complications, including liver cancer and stunting.

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mdpi 04 Jul 2020

Molecules, Vol. 25, Pages 3059: Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Novel 4-Hydroxy-2-quinolone Analogs

Alkyl quinolone has been proven to be a privileged scaffold in the antimicrobial drug discovery pipeline. In this study, a series of new 4-hydroxy-2-quinolinone analogs containing a long alkyl side chain at C-3 and a broad range of substituents on the C-6 and C-7 positions were synthesized.

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jewishlifenews 02 Jul 2020

Global Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market 2020 With COVID-19 Impact on Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025

. The report entitled Global Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 highlights insights of market size, trends, share, growth, development plans, cost structure, and driver’s analysis. The data which has been looked upon is included....

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markets-businessinsider 01 Jul 2020

Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type, By Therapy, By Equipment, By Age, By Factors, By Route of Administration, By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025

NEW YORK July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Read the full report: Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type (Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Cholangiocarcinoma, Others), By Therapy (Targeted Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy,....

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prnewswire 01 Jul 2020

Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type, By Therapy, By Equipment, By Age, By Factors, By Route of Administration, By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025

Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type, By Therapy, By Equipment, By Age, By Factors, By Route of Administration, By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025. This report is 80% complete and can be delivered within three working days post order confirmation and will include the latest impact analysis of Covid-19 in 2020 and forecast.

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mdpi 01 Jul 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 433: Low Doses of Mycotoxin Mixtures below EU Regulatory Limits Can Negatively Affect the Performance of Broiler Chickens: A Longitudinal Study

Several studies have reported a wide range of severe health effects as well as clinical signs, when livestock animals are exposed to high concentration of mycotoxins. However, little is known regarding health effects of mycotoxins at low levels. Thus, a long-term feeding trial (between May 2017 and....

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kenyamoja 29 Jun 2020

The Star: Rainy season ends, cold weather takes over this week

The long-rains season will now be replaced by cold and dry weather in most parts of the country, according to the Meteorological department. Met said beginning this week, only some areas around the Lake Victoria, the Rift Valley Highlands, the Coastal Strip, and parts of western Turkana will continue receiving rainfall.

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mdpi 29 Jun 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 429: Insights into Aflatoxin B1 Toxicity in Cattle: An In Vitro Whole-Transcriptomic Approach

Aflatoxins, and particularly aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), are toxic mycotoxins to humans and farm animal species, resulting in acute and chronic toxicities. At present, AFB1 is still considered a global concern with negative impacts on health, the economy, and social life.

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ippmedia-en 29 Jun 2020

Rice growers in Morogoro call for more trainings on aflatoxins

Farmers made the appeal over the weekend during the training conducted by TARI-Dakawa on the effective use of improved seeds. The training brought on board rice growers from Kilosa and Mvomero districts. Halima Jumanne, a farmer from Mvomero District said the issue of aflatoxins in various cereals....

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mdpi 28 Jun 2020

Foods, Vol. 9, Pages 841: Target Quantification and Semi-Target Screening of Undesirable Substances in Pear Juices Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Quadrupole Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

Fruit juices are common products in modern diets due to the supply of vegetal nutrients combined with its tastiness. Nevertheless, potential contaminants, such as mycotoxins and pesticides, can be present in commercial products due to a potential carry-over.

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mdpi 27 Jun 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 424: Reducing Ochratoxin a Content in Grape Pomace by Different Methods

Grape pomace (GP) is the residue of grapes after wine making and is a valuable source of dietary polyphenol and fiber for health promotion. However, studies found the presence of ochratoxin A (OTA) in GP at very high concentrations, which raises a safety issue in the value-added utilization of GP.

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mdpi 26 Jun 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 423: Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Winter Rye Varieties Cultivated in Poland (2017–2019)

Rye ( Secale cereale L .) is one of the most important cereals and is used in both the food and feed industries. It is produced mainly in a belt extending from Russia through Poland to Germany. Despite the great economic importance of this cereal, there is little research on rye contamination with mycotoxins.

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bioplasticsmagazine 26 Jun 2020

Conclusions of a study on compostable plastics and microplastics unsupported by data

Francesco Degli lnnocenti of Novamont comments on the results of a study by Accinelli et al., recently published by Waste Management titled “Persistence in soil of microplastic films from ultra-thin compostable plastic bags and implications on soil Aspergillus flavus population “ The abovementioned and heavily cited study ( https://doi.

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biorxiv 26 Jun 2020

Biodegradation of polyester polyurethane by Aspergillus flavus G10

Abstract. Polyurethanes (PU) are integral to many aspects of our daily lives. Due to the extensive use of and difficulties in recycling or reusing PU, it mostly accumulates as waste. Various bacteria and fungi have been reported to degrade PU. We examined the fungus Aspergillus flavus G10 in that....

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news-uci 25 Jun 2020

Fungi cancer

A toxin produced by mold on nuts and grains can cause liver cancer if consumed in large quantities. UC Irvine researchers for the first time have discovered what triggers the toxin to form, which could lead to methods of limiting its production. Because of lax or nonexistent regulation, 4.

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mdpi 25 Jun 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 421: Zearalenone-Induced Interaction between PXR and Sp1 Increases Binding of Sp1 to a Promoter Site of the eNOS, Decreasing Its Transcription and NO Production in BAECs

Zearalenone (ZEN) is a non-steroidal mycotoxin that has various toxicological impacts on mammalian health. Here, we found that ZEN significantly affected the production of nitric oxide (NO) and the expression of endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) of bovine aortic endothelial cells (BAECs).

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mdpi 25 Jun 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 419: Type A Trichothecene Diacetoxyscirpenol-Induced Emesis Corresponds to Secretion of Peptide YY and Serotonin in Mink

The trichothecene mycotoxins contaminate cereal grains and have been related to alimentary toxicosis resulted in emetic response. This family of mycotoxins comprises type A to D groups of toxic sesquiterpene chemicals. Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS), one of the most toxic type A trichothecenes, is....

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mdpi 25 Jun 2020

Genes, Vol. 11, Pages 699: Identification of QTLs for Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight Using a Doubled Haploid Population Derived from Southeastern United States Soft Red Winter Wheat Varieties AGS 2060 and AGS 2035

Fusarium head blight (FHB), caused primarily by the fungus Fusarium graminearum , is one of the most damaging diseases of wheat, causing significant loss of yield and quality worldwide. Warm and wet conditions during flowering, a lack of resistant wheat varieties, and high inoculum pressure from....

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nature-Earth-and-Environmental-Sciences 25 Jun 2020

Parallel validation of a green-solvent extraction method and quantitative estimation of multi-mycotoxins in staple cereals using LC-MS/MS

Materials. Reference materials, i.e. mycotoxin standards used for the PHWE experiments were purchased from the National Metrological Institute of South Africa (NMISA), and included fumonisin B 1 (FB 1 ), fumonisin B 2 (FB 2 ), fumonisin B 3 (FB 3 ), aflatoxin B 1 (AFB 1 ), aflatoxin B 2 (AFB 2 ),....

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ippmedia-en 25 Jun 2020

Ministry,SIDO sign agreement to construct modern storage facilities

THE Ministry of Agriculture and the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) have signed agreement to construct modern storage facilities for storing maize and groundnuts. The move is aimed at fighting aflatoxins. The project which will be implemented by SIDO, involves construction of the....

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nature-srep 25 Jun 2020

Author Correction: Zearalenone altered the cytoskeletal structure via ER stress– autophagy– oxidative stress pathway in mouse TM4 Sertoli cells

College of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, 225009, Jiangsu, China. Wanglong Zheng, Bingjie Wang, Mengxue Si, Hui Zou, Ruilong Song, Jianhong Gu, Yan Yuan, Xuezhong Liu, Guoqiang Zhu, Jianchun Bian & ZongPing Liu; Jiangsu Co-innovation Center for Prevention and Control of....

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theglobeandmail 24 Jun 2020

opinion Tapping organic waste’s potential can help Canada meet climate targets Subscriber content We have the technology to economically turn green-bin waste, municipal sewage and diseased crops into clean replacements for fossil fuels. It’s time we used more of it Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton works with clean-tech companies from across Canada as an adviser with the non-profit MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. Canada has one of the world’s lowest-carbon electricity systems, the result of past investments in hydroelectric and nuclear power and more recent investments in wind and solar resources.

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mdpi 24 Jun 2020

IJMS, Vol. 21, Pages 4497: Mapping of Major Fusarium Head Blight Resistance from Canadian Wheat cv. AAC Tenacious

Fusarium head blight (FHB) is one of the most devastating wheat disease due to its direct detrimental effects on grain-yield, quality and marketability. Resistant cultivars offer the most effective approach to manage FHB; however, the lack of different resistance resources is still a major bottleneck for wheat breeding programs.

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