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openpr 14 Jul 2020

Food Testing Kits Market with Top Countries Data: Emerging Technologies, Sales Revenue, Driving Factors, Distributors, Development Status, and Opportunity Assessment, Industry Expansion Strategies 2027

The report also includes the profiles of key food testing kits companies along with their SWOT analysis and market strategies. In addition, the report focuses on leading industry players with information such as company profiles, components and services offered, financial information of the last three years, key developments in the past five years.

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farmindustrynews 14 Jul 2020

Penn State wheat tour finds good yields, little head scab

Local millers, grain brokers, agronomists and Penn State Extension educators from wheat-growing regions combed fields in mid-June to estimate yield and evaluate growth stage, stand density and disease presence in soft red winter wheat. The annual tour looked a little different than usual this year....

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mdpi 13 Jul 2020

Microorganisms, Vol. 8, Pages 1036: Methodical Considerations and Resistance Evaluation against F. graminearum and F. culmorum Head Blight in Wheat. The Influence of Mixture of Isolates on Aggressiveness and Resistance Expression

In resistance tests to Fusarium head blight (FHB), the mixing of inocula before inoculation is normal, but no information about the background of mixing was given. Therefore, four experiments (20132015) were made with four independent isolates, their all-possible (11) mixtures and a control. Four cultivars with differing FHB resistance were used.

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kenyamoja 12 Jul 2020 Pet Owners Decry Mysterious Disease Killing Dogs

A dog undergoing a medical examination. The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has launched an investigation into claims that pet foods may be toxic resulting in the death of dogs and other animals in some parts of the country. According to a feature on NTV aired on July 11, the standards regulator....

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jewishlifenews 12 Jul 2020

Specialty Feed Additives Market: Factors Helping To Maintain Strong Position Globally

A recent report published by QMI on specialty feed additives market is a detailed assessment of the most important market dynamics. After carrying out thorough research of specialty feed additives market historical as well as current growth parameters, business expectations for growth are obtained with utmost precision.

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mdpi 10 Jul 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 448: Fate of Free and Modified Forms of Mycotoxins during Food Processing

International trade is highly affected by mycotoxin contaminations, which result in an annual 5% to 10% loss of global crop production [...] View Full-Text This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and....

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mdpi 10 Jul 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 446: Introduction to the Toxins Special Issue on Toxicological Effects of Mycotoxin on Target Cells

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by filamentous fungi from Fusarium Alternaria and Penicillium spp View Full-Text This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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mdpi 10 Jul 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 445: AFLA-PISTACHIO: Development of a Mechanistic Model to Predict the Aflatoxin Contamination of Pistachio Nuts

In recent years, very many incidences of contamination with aflatoxin B 1 (AFB 1 ) in pistachio nuts have been reported as a major global problem for the crop. In Europe, legislation is in force and 12 g/kg of AFB 1 is the maximum limit set for pistachios to be subjected to physical treatment before human consumption.

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biorxiv 10 Jul 2020

Activity throughout the lichen phylogeny indicates a focus on regulation of specialized metabolites

Abstract. Lichens are complex multi-microorganismal communities that have evolved the ability to share their thalli with a variety of microorganisms. As such, the lichenized fungus becomes a scaffold for a variety of microbes and occasionally insects. Lichens are known to produce a plethora of....

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pubs-acs-jafcau 10 Jul 2020

[ASAP] Toxicokinetic Studies in Piglets Reveal Age-Related Differences in Systemic Exposure to Zearalenone, Zearalenone-14-Glucoside, and Zearalenone-14-Sulfate

A review. The interest in mycotoxins began when aflatoxins were found to be carcinogens and to be widespread in foodstuffs and feedstuffs. Today, mycotoxins and moldy feedstuffs are known causes of animal disease. Symptoms are often subtle and there can be many equally non-definitive contributing....

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mdpi 08 Jul 2020

JoF, Vol. 6, Pages 103: In Vitro Interaction between Isavuconazole and Tacrolimus, Cyclosporin A, or Sirolimus against Aspergillus Species

The interaction of isavuconazole with immunosuppressors (tacrolimus, cyclosporin A, or sirolimus) against 30 Aspergillus isolates belonging to the most common species responsible for invasive aspergillosis in humans ( Aspergillus flavus Aspergillus fumigatus Aspergillus nidulans Aspergillus niger ,....

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busiweek 08 Jul 2020

Develop youth friendly programmes, development partners in agriculture sector advised

Development partners in agriculture have been told to come up with programmes that can attract the youth to take part in the sector. The Country Director of Sasakawa Global 2000 Uganda Dr Nyamutale Roseline noted that the agriculture sector has the potential to improve the social and economic status....

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openpr 07 Jul 2020

Food Testing Equipment – Market Growth, Trends, Forecast, and COVID-19 Impacts (2014 - 2026)

High import tariffs on equipment and the lack of adequate infrastructure at all parts of the supply chain pose major challenges to the growth of the market. However, the necessary government initiatives are gradually helping to overcome this problem. Food Testing Equipment is mainly used to detect,....

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authorityngr 07 Jul 2020

NIPRD, NNPC partner on local drugs production

The Director General of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Dr. Obi Peter Adigwe has said that the institute is presently in discussion with the management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on how to collaborate in sourcing by-product of the refineries to produce drugs locally.

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copenhagenconsensus 06 Jul 2020

Ghana Priorities: Agriculture Intervention I – Subsidising Improved Seeds Overview For various reasons, many smallholder farmers in Ghana do not use improved seeds, which are not only more resilient but also provide higher yields... Read more

Intervention I – Subsidising Improved Seeds Overview. For various reasons, many smallholder farmers in Ghana do not use improved seeds, which are not only more resilient but also provide higher yields. There are four principal factors that contribute to the low uptake of improved seeds.

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COVID-19 COVID-19 is exacerbating the global trade finance gap We need a rewiring of the international community's approach to supporting least developed countries to access international trade. Violeta Gonzalez and Anisse Terai 06 Jul 2020

Multilateral development banks (MDBs) have launched amounting to more than . For instance, the Islamic Development Bank Group has launched an initial 3Rs, as in “Respond, Restore, Restart”, for a total $2.3 billion to support Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries at different stages of the recovery trajectory.

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busiweek 05 Jul 2020

18th May 2020

BEIJING – US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping may have agreed at the G20 summit in Osaka to resume trade negotiations, but the path to ending the trade war remains far from clear. After all, the two leaders reached a similar agreement at the previous G20 summit – in Buenos....

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busiweek 04 Jul 2020

U.S Government Supports Campaign to Combat Toxins in Agricultural Produce

Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), along with USAID Mission Director Joakim Parker, have launched a nationwide campaign to combat aflatoxins that contaminate improperly handled grain, causing severe health complications, including liver cancer and stunting.

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mdpi 04 Jul 2020

Molecules, Vol. 25, Pages 3059: Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Novel 4-Hydroxy-2-quinolone Analogs

Alkyl quinolone has been proven to be a privileged scaffold in the antimicrobial drug discovery pipeline. In this study, a series of new 4-hydroxy-2-quinolinone analogs containing a long alkyl side chain at C-3 and a broad range of substituents on the C-6 and C-7 positions were synthesized.

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jewishlifenews 02 Jul 2020

Global Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market 2020 With COVID-19 Impact on Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025

. The report entitled Global Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 highlights insights of market size, trends, share, growth, development plans, cost structure, and driver’s analysis. The data which has been looked upon is included....

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markets-businessinsider 01 Jul 2020

Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type, By Therapy, By Equipment, By Age, By Factors, By Route of Administration, By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025

NEW YORK July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Read the full report: Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type (Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Cholangiocarcinoma, Others), By Therapy (Targeted Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy,....

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prnewswire 01 Jul 2020

Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type, By Therapy, By Equipment, By Age, By Factors, By Route of Administration, By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025

Global Liver Cancer Therapeutics Market By Cancer Type, By Therapy, By Equipment, By Age, By Factors, By Route of Administration, By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2025. This report is 80% complete and can be delivered within three working days post order confirmation and will include the latest impact analysis of Covid-19 in 2020 and forecast.

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mdpi 01 Jul 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 433: Low Doses of Mycotoxin Mixtures below EU Regulatory Limits Can Negatively Affect the Performance of Broiler Chickens: A Longitudinal Study

Several studies have reported a wide range of severe health effects as well as clinical signs, when livestock animals are exposed to high concentration of mycotoxins. However, little is known regarding health effects of mycotoxins at low levels. Thus, a long-term feeding trial (between May 2017 and....

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kenyamoja 29 Jun 2020

The Star: Rainy season ends, cold weather takes over this week

The long-rains season will now be replaced by cold and dry weather in most parts of the country, according to the Meteorological department. Met said beginning this week, only some areas around the Lake Victoria, the Rift Valley Highlands, the Coastal Strip, and parts of western Turkana will continue receiving rainfall.

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mdpi 29 Jun 2020

Toxins, Vol. 12, Pages 429: Insights into Aflatoxin B1 Toxicity in Cattle: An In Vitro Whole-Transcriptomic Approach

Aflatoxins, and particularly aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), are toxic mycotoxins to humans and farm animal species, resulting in acute and chronic toxicities. At present, AFB1 is still considered a global concern with negative impacts on health, the economy, and social life.

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ippmedia-en 29 Jun 2020

Rice growers in Morogoro call for more trainings on aflatoxins

Farmers made the appeal over the weekend during the training conducted by TARI-Dakawa on the effective use of improved seeds. The training brought on board rice growers from Kilosa and Mvomero districts. Halima Jumanne, a farmer from Mvomero District said the issue of aflatoxins in various cereals....

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mdpi 28 Jun 2020

Foods, Vol. 9, Pages 841: Target Quantification and Semi-Target Screening of Undesirable Substances in Pear Juices Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Quadrupole Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

Fruit juices are common products in modern diets due to the supply of vegetal nutrients combined with its tastiness. Nevertheless, potential contaminants, such as mycotoxins and pesticides, can be present in commercial products due to a potential carry-over.

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