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Together with AFRIQUe-learning APHLIS is developing a range of free e-learning courses where participants will learn to use the APHLIS methodology for measuring postharvest losses of cereal crops.

About the courses

The APHLIS courses are components of a toolkit developed by experts from the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) of the University of Greenwich. These courses are designed to train young agronomy technicians in the application of the APHLIS methodology for measuring cereal postharvest losses. APHLIS uses this methodology to collect specific postharvest loss measurements in order to verify its estimates and also to add to their calculation and make them even more reliable. The loss measurement methodology has been developed, tested and refined by NRI scientists over decades.

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Available modules

APHLIS 1 : Overview and planning
This course describes cereal postharvest losses in SSA and APHLIS, the African PostHarvest Losses Information System, which provides science-based estimates of the postharvest loss levels where direct measurements are not available.

APHLIS 3 : Creating a visual scale
This course in the APHLIS series on postharvest loss measurements introduces you to the creation and use of visual scales to facilitate and speed up the estimation of losses during storage.

APHLIS 6 : Measuring losses during drying, threshing and winnowing
This course recalls the postharvest steps for cereals according to APHLIS and covers  losses during threshing or shelling, winnowing and home drying. In addition, it describes how to measure losses at these stages of the postharvest value chain, according to the APHLIS methodology.

APHLIS 7 : Measuring storage losses
This course introduces the topic of cereal storage and the losses which occur during this activity. It explains how to correctly take samples to measure the losses occurring during storage through use of a visual scale. It discusses the storage season/calendar and the entry of the loss data.

APHLIS 9 : Storage Fumigation
This course on phosphine fumigation presents the preparatory operations, the process of a good fumigation and post fumigation activities in order to effectively eliminate pests of stored grains. The course explains the precautions to take and details the essential protective equipment against phosphine gas. The course also describes the dangers associated with the use of phosphine during fumigation and introduces the notion of pest resistance to phosphine.

Other modules coming soon

  • APHLIS 2: Data capture and management
  • APHLIS 4: The postharvest questionnaire
  • APHLIS 5: Measuring losses during harvesting
  • APHLIS 8: Measuring losses during transportation

How to get access

It's free to access the APHLIS e-learning courses. First you need to register with AFRIQU e-learning to create an account. To get access to the course material:

  1. Register by sending an email to info@afrique-learning.com and say you are interested to enrol in the APHLIS courses.
  2. You will receive your username and password in your welcome email. Here you will also find links to your courses.
  3. Go to the APHLIS course page, click on the module you are interested in and click the 'Enrol me' button.
  4. You can now start working through the course at your own tempo.