Introducing the new APHLIS website

Welcome to the first in a series of releases to improve the accessibility of APHLIS data, and present new outputs being developed under APHLIS+.

This first release introduces our new website design and provides basic access to APHLIS loss estimates via the country- and crop-focussed datatables. Future releases will expand both the interfaces with which data can be accessed (e.g. maps and dashboards), as well as the content provided (e.g. new crops, metrics and alerts).

To receive updates as the site is expanded please sign up – you can specify which crops, countries or metrics you want to receive notifications about. Registering also allows you to post comments and discuss articles in our blog.

To allow our users to contribute to the ongoing development of our services, we have provided feedback boxes throughout the website. These are open for anyone to enter comments or suggestions on how we can improve our services.

The APHLIS calculator and supporting documentation can be found in the downloads section, along with our Postharvest Loss Assessment Manual.

Finally, the old APHLIS website is still available at archive.aphlis.net and will be until all of its functionality and resources have been fully transferred.


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Welcome to the first in a series of releases to improve the accessibility of APHLIS data, and presen...

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User comments

2017-10-19 06:49:38 / Rwaganje Gilbert

Greating of the day, I would like to know how can i access post harvest calculator of new crop (PULSE,ROOTS AND TUBERS,VEGETABLES) THNX

2017-11-08 11:48:10 / Jan

Hi Gilbert, we are currently working on developing the systems to estimate postharvest losses of these new crop groups, so the calculator is not available for them yet. We are expecting estimates for these new crops to start coming online in the first half of 2018. Vegetables are currently not in scope for APHLIS+ unfortunately.